YouTuber admits girlfriend is alive after fake videos saying she’d been killed by a drunk driver and he had made contact with her spirit using Ouija board

  • ImJayStation, a YouTuber with 5.4 million subscribers, has been called out for a hoax video he put out a week ago.
  • In the now-deleted video, called “My Girlfriend Alexia Died… *Rest In Paradise*,” he said his girlfriend Alexia Marano had been killed by a drunk driver.
  • ImJayStation, real name Jason Ethier, revealed that Alexia is actually alive in a video uploaded this morning.
  • He claimed Alexia is now trying to ruin his life after helping him with a video where he supposedly contacted her via a Ouiji board.
  • Ethier has been heavily criticised before for exploiting the deaths of YouTuber Etika and rapper Mac Miller.

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