World War 3 WARNING: Bizarre claim ‘Reptilian aliens’ set stage for war in Ukraine

The Reptilian conspiracy theory is a popular myth among online conspiracy theorists who believe a race of shape-shifting reptiles run the world.

But the theory has now been linked to growing fears of World War 3 in a very bizarre video shared on YouTube by user 2CirclesArchive.

According to the conspiracy video, time is running out for the Reptilians and a global conflict is a right distraction to keep their existence a secret. 

The video says: “The Reptilian parasites know that humanity is waking up to their existence and presence. 

“That’s why the need the Third World War as a distraction. That’s the sole reason for this irrational conflict.”

Although there has been no outbreak of international war between the world’s global powers, the video stresses humans are in conflict with the .

It says: “It’s Reptilians versus humans – not humans versus humans. Not the West versus Russia.”

The peculiar claim follows news Russia has the ability to wipe out the United States in World War 3 in just 30 minutes, according to conspiracists David Meade……Click Here To Keep Reading


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