‘Wicked and cruel’ mother and son who murdered runner over footpath dispute jailed for life

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A mother and son who murdered a runner after pursuing a vendetta against him over his use of a footpath that crossed their land have been handed life jail terms.

Gary Dean’s body was found in a ditch in woods near his home after he had been shot in the back with an air rifle and repeatedly beaten with rocks and branches.

The 48-year-old was killed by Scott Dawson, 41, and Carol Dawson, 72, after regularly using land belonging to them for running and other activities, prompting a long-running and bitter feud, prosecutors said.

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Gary Dean was found dead in woods near Barnsley, South Yorkshire, after a long-running dispute with the Dawson family (Picture: PA)


Carol Dawson, 72, and her son Scott, 41, have been sentenced to life in prison (Pictures: PA)

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