Was the moon landing FAKED? David Meade weighs in on NASA Apollo 11 hoax claims

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NASA’s monumental 1969 moon landing could have been the greatest hoax of the 20th century, it has been spectacularly claimed by popular conspiracy theorist David Meade who revealed his mother never believed it happened.

When NASA achieved the incredible feat of sending the first man to the surface of the moon onboard the Apollo 11 space mission, conspiracists around the globe raised an eyebrow in bemusement.

The historic live broadcast of Neil Armstrong stepping out of the US lunar module has since been questioned with many claiming it was recorded in a film studio.

David Meade, who is known in the conspiracy theory circles as the main purveyor of the Planet X thesis, has now revealed why he thinks the moon landing could have been faked by the US Government…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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