UFOs the stars tonight at Schroeppel Historical

PHOENIX — The Schroeppel Historical Society is indulging the mysteries of alien encounters to raise money for “vital repairs” and the preservation of its 108-year-old building.

Presentations about unidentified flying object (UFO) investigations will take place at 7 p.m. tonight and on Aug. 8 at the historical society’s headquarters at 486 Main St., Phoenix.

UFO investigator Keith Conroy will lead tonight’s discussion on “Crop Formations: Past and Present,” delving into the enigmatic field patterns that for decades have been the subject of speculation by fringe theorists and extra-terrestrial enthusiasts.

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The Schroeppel Historical Society is raising funds for the preservation and maintenance of its 108-year-old building, pictured above, with a capital campaign goal of $25,000.

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