UFOs, Meditation And An Emerging World

There are true believers among us. 

Under dim lights cast over brick and stained glass, they teach the uninitiated about benevolent UFOs, governments which hide the truth, and a radical new era expected to come.

They sit in a darkened church twice-weekly to meditate on a world in turmoil, transmitting energy for our salvation.

The all-encompassing beliefs held by Share International followers – who await further instruction after the death of their spiritualist leader – may seem entirely off-kilter.

But for the dozen, long-dedicated members in Wellington, their commitment to the obscure religion is said to answer unsatisfiable questions.

One recent evening, Share members Sophia and Michael hosted a monthly presentation on UFOs and crop circles at Newtown’s Trinity Union Church.

Members of Share sought only to give first names for privacy reasons. 

“We understand,” begins Sophia, a counsellor with long black hair that flows into draped clothing, as she waves her hand at the pull-down screen.

“We are told,” says Michael, a graphic designer with tidily cropped hair and practical black leather shoes, as he cycles through Powerpoint slides on a laptop….Click Here To Keep Reading

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