UFO sighting? ‘Alien sarcophagus’ found on Mars in NASA rover photo


Scott C Waring, a prominent voice in the UFO enthusiast community, believes he has found archaeological evidence of on Mars. The UFO expert has shared a detailed NASA snapshot of the Bonneville crater on Mars, taken by the US space agency’s Spirit Rover in 2004. Mr Waring, who runs the popular blog UFO Sightings Daily, thinks there is a treasure trove of alien evidence to be discovered in the photo. Among other things, he has claimed to have found an alien sarcophagus and building ruins in this one photo.

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UFO sighting: Is this an ancient alien sarcophagus snapped by NASA on Mars? (Image: GETTY)
UFO sighting: Scott Waring believes ancient aliens live on Mars in the past (Image: SCOTT WARING)
UFO sighting: It is likely that the rocks are more than just rocks (Image: SCOTT WARING)



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