To fix anti-vaxxing, climate change, and white supremacy, we ‘have to fix Facebook and Google’: Roger McNamee

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Big Tech has received its share of criticism in recent years, but in a new interview, venture capitalist and tech critic Roger McNamee specifically singled out Facebook (FB) and Google (GOOGGOOGL) for their roles in spreading disinformation. 

Why is it so important to address these companies? 

“Because they’re the reason we can’t fix climate change,” McNamee, author of the book “Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe,” said this week on The Final Round. “They’re the reason why we have an epidemic of measles due to the anti-vaxers. They’re the reason why white supremacy and gun violence are on the rise because they empower the most disaffected people in society, and they give them a disproportionate political voice.”

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