Three Charged In Conspiracy To Kidnap, Kill Business Associate In Mexico



  • Three people are facing charges involving an alleged conspiracy to kidnap and kill a business associate.
  • The dispute involved real estate investment properties, most of which involved marijuana dispensaries.
  • Salam Razuki, Sylvia Gonzales and Elizabeth Juarez were arrested last week in connection with the plot.
  • A federal complaint alleges that Razuki and Gonzales met with an informant and asked to arrange the killing of one of their business associates.
  • Razuki and Gonzales told the informant they had multiple investments with the associate and were now embroiled in a legal dispute.
  • The assets involved are said to be valued at around $40 million.
  • Razuki and Gonzales wanted the source to “shoot him in the face,” and “ take him to Mexico and have him whacked”.
  • The trio provided a picture of the associate and said they wanted to “put the turkey up to roast before Thanksgiving,”
  • They allegedly offered to pay $2,000, with $1,000 to be paid immediately.

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