These Occult Exorcists Say the Catholic Church Makes Demons Worse

In April of this year, the Vatican held a week long conference to train priests in the rite of exorcism, claiming that there were half a million cases of demonic possession last year in Italy alone. The Catholic Church attributes the rise of demonic activity to people dabbling in the occult, particularly through the use of tarot cards and Ouija boards.

Exorcism and the Catholic Church seem inseparable thanks to films like The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, as well as the church’s own proclamations of exclusivity. But in reality, the earliest evidence of exorcism predates Christianity by hundreds of years. Exorcists have been a part of religious practices worldwide for ages, including among the witches and satanists that the Church blames for the current demon infestation.

Put simply, exorcism is the expulsion of an unwanted force or energy from a person, place, or thing that is afflicted by that energy. In the extreme, a person who is possessed by such a force lacks self-control as a result of that possession. An exorcist is a person who specializes in casting out these entities. So if you or a loved one isn’t a linguist and starts quoting dead languages, stinking of sulfur, and levitating an exorcist could be helpful—alongside a shrink…..Click Here To Keep Reading



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