The Six ’60s Horror Films That Any Horror Lover Needs To See


Ah, the ’60s… a time of iconic aesthetics, pop-culture phenomena and, in all honesty, overt racism. Regardless of the problems that dominated the social and political spheres though, the artistic achievements in the cinematic field were undeniable.

Unlike the B-movie campiness of the horror films of the decade before — who could forget the classic 1958 feature “The Blob”? — the ’60s brought new advancements in the genre that took horror out of a simple midnight spook show to a cinematic experience that kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

Movies evolved from the ever-popular doomsday sub-genre and instead gravitated toward themes of psychological torment, twisted serial killers and the supernatural. Since then, horror has remained popular among the masses up into today. Nothing screams entertainment like some popcorn and a scary screening, whether you’re at an old-school drive-in theater or sprawled out across a couch.

For all the classic horror-lovers out there, here are six of the best ’60s horror films that are sure to keep you glued to your seat……Click Here To Keep Reading

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