The Pascagoula Abduction

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  • Pascagoula, Mississippi
  • Approximately 9pm, October 11, 1973
  • Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson were abducted and taken on board a UFO while fishing together at a local river.
  • Both men were “examined” in the UFO by a “globe-like” object that floated around them and were then brought back to the site where they were taken.
  • According to Hickson, the entire abduction lasted about 20 minutes.
  • Both men were then interviewed at the Sheriff’s station where an audio recording documented their story.
  • Both men passed lie detector tests.
  • Hickson died September 9th, 2011. He maintained the validity of his story until his death and his story never changed.
  • Calvin Parker recently wrote a book called The Closest Encounter, documenting his story.
Charles Hicken and Calvin Parker

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Drawing of a Pascagoula alien
Charles Hickson near site of the abduction

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