The Invisible Man Was a Surefire Box Office Bomb—Until It Wasn’t

The Invisible Man opened strong this weekend, racking up nearly $30 million in just four days against a $7 million budget, making it the latest hit from Blumhouse and horror producer/kingmaker Jason Blum. Directed by Upgrade&aposs Leigh Whannell,who drastically improves as an auteur with every movie he makes, Invisible Man is a timely, genuinely frightening horror film that further cements Elisabeth Moss as a world-class genre actor, and opens up a whole new world of franchise potential.

But up until one year ago, The Invisible Man was supposed to be a Johnny Depp superhero movie.

So how did Universal and Blumhouse right the ship so quickly? Funnily enough, a Tom Cruise 2017 box office bomb was the catalyst that led to the latest great low-budget horror. The Mummy is first 

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