Terrible Tales of a Lizard-Smoking, Blood-Drinking Satanic Cult

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The existence of a cult in Aligarh is a whispered rumor in my friend circles. How much is truth and how much exaggeration remains difficult to prove. Though Synyster claims there are hundreds of members in the cult, I could find only about 12 people who were open about their beliefs or had participated in “rituals” at various times. They write Facebook posts that celebrate death and decay and upload photographs with their arms slashed and blood oozing out of their body parts.

The genesis of Synyster’s group was simple: a bunch of school friends, who began dabbling in Satanism about 10 years ago, creating their own rituals by using elements they found in books and from their personal lives.

The thin, short, and soft-spoken man considers his Muslim family to be relatively progressive: they sent him to a co-ed school run by Catholics, allowed him to pursue his interest in poetry, and tolerated his buddies with their nails painted black….Click Here To Keep Reading

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