Teenage Girl Murdered And Mutilated By Family For Eloping With Boyfriend



16-year-old girl was found decapitated, burned with acid, and one of her arms were cut off. Police say the girl was murdered by her family for eloping with her boyfriend.

The girl, referred to as “Anjana” on social media, was found Sunday in the Indian city of Gaya, a city in Bihar.

Gaya’s police chief Rajiv Kumar Mishra, told The Guardian “It’s a case of honor killing,” and added “The girl eloped with someone on December 28 from her home in Patwa Panchayat but returned after three days. This angered the parents who plotted the cold-blooded murder with the help of a butcher friend.”

The girl’s father initially told police he feared she had been abducted. “We went to several places and searched our relatives’ homes but to no avail,” he said in a police report. “She could have been abducted while going to meet a friend on the evening of December 28”.

Suspicion quickly turned to the parents. Police said “After the recovery of the body, we called the parents to the police station several times to record their statements, but they made lame excuses and didn’t show up,” and “Their dubious attempt to escape interrogation further confirmed our suspicions.”

“In the meantime, we picked up the butcher, who narrated the entire incident … It’s a case of honour killing.”

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