Student’s Killer Never Found After Savage Murder

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That April morning, a worker unloading merchandise behind a former Academy store along FM 1960, spotted what he thought was a mannequin. “He approached it and saw blood,” said Sergeant Abraham Alanis, who investigates cold cases for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. “(The worker) ran inside, told the manager: ‘Hey, there’s something outside. You need to come look.'” Graham had been shot twice, stabbed more than 20 times, run over, dragged and sexually mutilated. This murder was one of the most vicious, savage, coldblooded investigators had ever seen — then and now. “Someone hated her. There was a lot of anger there,” Alanis said. “I’ve been in homicide eight years and I’ve worked a lot of cases, a lot of gruesome cases. Looking at this one…this one’s bad.” For the first time in decades, investigators are reopening the case file to show ABC13 Graham’s final moments. “You read through and you can actually see the story unfold,” Alanis said, flipping through pages in a binder packed with notes and reports that are 30 years old.


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