Spotlight: Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina

HP Commission

Address: 290 Macon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804

Phone: (800) 438-5800

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Built in 1913, the hotel is said to be haunted by The Pink Lady, the spirit of a young woman in a pink gown who fell to her death from the hotel’s balcony in the 1920’s.

The story goes that the Pink Lady was a servant from a nearby home, who was having an affair with the man of the house. When he learned that she was pregnant, he pushed her over the balcony to keep their affair a secret.

Many guests have reported sightings around the hotel but specifically room 545. Reports of belongings being moved around, electrical anomalies, and the distinct feeling of a presence being next to them are among some of the stories told by guests and staff of the hotel. She has also been known to wake guests from their sleep by touching them on their feet.

She is said to be friendly and several children that have fallen ill in the hotel over the years have commented on a kind lady comforting them.

The Omni Grove Park Inn resort, spa and golf course in Asheville, North Carolina aerial photo © 2015 David Oppenheimer – Performance Impressions Photography Archives – 

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