RON HART: Google crosses ‘the creepy line’ daily to manipulate voters

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The farcical Russian meddling pursuit by Democrats masks the real monkeying in our elections done by their buddies at Google and Facebook. But even by the admissions of Mueller and the FBI, Russia’s minor meddling did not change a single vote in the 2016 presidential election.

On the other hand, analysis of Google’s 2016 election algorithm searches by liberal Harvard researcher Dr. Robert Epstein concluded they vastly favored Hillary over Trump. His work concluded that Google bias-steered 2.6 million more votes to her by emphasizing negative news about Trump and promoting positive news about Hillary.

Epstein’s research further showed that, based on Google’s one-sided search algorithms, 78 million votes in total were swayed to the Democrats in all elections nationwide. Now that is power, that is “meddling,” yet it is also not surprising. Google has long silenced conservative voices to advance its liberal agenda.

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