Researcher Claims Macchu Picchu Was Not Made By Incas

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Speaking to thirdphaseofmoon, Brien Forester says the Incas could not have constructed Machu Picchu because they were a “ Bronze Age people and the stone that was cut and shaped is much harder than bronze”.

He continues,  “The Inca could not have built the megalithic structures because they were a Bronze Age people, and the stone that was cut and shaped was much harder than bronze.

“The basic principle you have to work with is that your tool has to be harder than the material you’re cutting.”

“The only options I think we have are either the so-called Atlanteans or extraterrestrials.”

“Either the [Atlanteans were] destroyed by ancient cataclysmic events or that extraterrestrials were here at that time and they contracted these megalithic structures in Peru, Bolivia and other parts of the world.”

“we would have to see cultural development [and] we don’t see that”.

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