Priests from world’s ‘exorcism capital’ describe ‘tempting Satan out of people’

A pair of priests from the ‘exorcism capital of the world’ have spoken of their most disturbing experiences.

In recent years the Catholic church has witnessed a boom in priests tempting demonic forces from people.

Pope Francis has given his blessings to those performing the supposedly soul saving act, telling church members not to hesitate in calling an exorcist if they witness satanic behaviour.

The pioneering pontificate even performed an informal exorcism himself, laying two hands on a man in a wheelchair a Mexican priest believed was possessed.

Now two priests from Mexico, a Catholic country at the centre of the exorcism boom, have shared their most disturbing tales of demonic possession.

Pastor Alberto Aciar from San Juan has more than 20 years experience ridding Christians of their evil internal baggage.

One case that has stayed in his memory is that of a 13-year-old girl from La Rioja.

The teenager was brought to Pastor Aciar by her parents back in 2017.

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Another of the Pastor's subjects pictured here seeming to have a violent fit
The Pastor said he performed an exorcisms on the woman until 4am in the morning
The Pastor said he performed an exorcisms on the woman until 4am in the morning (Image: YouTube)

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