Police officer haunted every day by sickening baby rape images she has to see

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A police officer has revealed she’s haunted by the faces of child abuse victims she sees in sickening photos – including scenes of baby rape.

Nicky Owen works for Bedfordshire Police to convict criminals who create and download indecent images of kids.

The former HSBC employee appeared in last night’s 24 Hours in Police Custody on Channel 4 and opened up about the tough realities she faces every day.

“Now my whole week is spent dealing with child abuse of child abusers. All these children that don’t have a voice – we are there to stand up for them,” Nicky said.

“There’s not much that shocks me anymore. I’ve seen the worst things imaginable. I don’t even want to say the word but I see babies being raped. What could be more shocking than that? I can’t think of anything.”

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