Paranormal Cirque’s R-rated circus elicits screams, laughs

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During its sold-out premiere Thursday, Paranormal Cirque made the crowd scream, as promised, but also made spectators laugh. More raunchy and salacious than one might expect, this show isn’t for anyone who is easily offended.

The most scream-inducing part came before the show started, in the pathway between the entrance of the big top and the seating arena. A haunted house-themed area was crawling with monsters creeping around in fog. I kept my composure until a bloodied man with a chainsaw ran behind me — and my own shriek surely could be heard from outside.

The show, which runs this weekend and June 14-17 at Riviera Dunes Marina in Palmetto, begins with a man being dragged through the audience toward the stage, where he was to be tortured. Because much of the action takes place offstage amidst the audience, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

The interaction between cast and spectators continues throughout the whole show. Unsuspecting members of the audience are brought onto stage to be seduced or murdered. The show goes from scary to comical with the introduction of a foul little clown who runs around cursing at audience members and telling rude jokes about them….Click Here To Keep Reading

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