No Charges Filed In Akron Haunted House Mock Rape Investigation

After an alleged mock rape at Akron Fright Fest,Police completed an investigation and say no charges will be filed.

The Fright Fest was promoted as an extreme haunted house experience and dubbed the area’s first ‘R rated’ haunted house.

Sergeant Eric East with Springfield Township Police said in a statement “There is no doubt that the actors of the haunted house used poor judgement in their use of body and spoken language during Akron Fright Fest. Although their actions were inadvisable, there was no physical evidence to substantiate allegations of a crime being committed.”

The managing partner for Melanie Lake Inc. at Kim Tam Park, Jeremy Caudill, also released a statement following news of the investigation. “We are obviously relieved that the Springfield Township Police and prosecutors have determined that no crimes occurred connected to the Akron Fight Fest. As we have said before, we acted quickly and decisively when we learned of allegations of inappropriate acts by a few of the people working in the attraction. We fired several people, including the operator who was in charge of hiring and training the actors for the haunted houses. The safety and wellbeing of everyone who comes to Kim Tam Park has always been our utmost priority, and we are working hard to restore trust. We also want to thank the police for their thorough work on this matter.”

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