Netflix’s Evil Genius: Marjorie Diehl Armstrong is more complicated than the documentary shows

I first met Marjorie Diehl Armstrong at Pennsylvania’s largest women’s prison — SCI Muncy — in November, 2012. Travelling to the prison that day, I felt the same as I always do when I meet a new inmate — grateful for the opportunity to help and learn, and an understandable anxiety regarding the reception I would receive.

My research focus has been working with women convicted of violent crimes, including homicide and sexual offences — both phenomenon for which we know little.

Marjorie had heard about my work from fellow inmates and wrote to me requesting a visit. Her letter, which would turn out to be the first of many, arrived the same week I planned to visit the prison, so I added her to my list of women to see.

When I shook her hand in the visitors’ centre, I knew nothing about Marjorie or her offending. As a rule, I do not seek personal background or offending history prior to meeting with women for the first time……Click Here To Keep Reading


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