Nathaniel Woods’ execution cast scrutiny on Alabama’s death penalty. So why is the cop killer who pulled the trigger still alive?

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BILL HUTCHINSONGood Morning AmericaMarch 7, 2020, 4:00 AM CST 0:35 4:54   Man who claimed innocence for police shooting executed in Alabama Supreme Court and the 
 Supreme Court of the United States. 

While the family of Nathaniel Woods fumes over his execution and prepares for his funeral, the man who confessed to acting alone in the killing of three Alabama police officers that landed them both on death row is alive and may never be executed, according to his former appellate attorney.

As a wave of outrage swept the state and nation over Woods’ execution late Thursday, Alabama’s death penalty laws are being scrutinized by civil rights leadersand labeled as unjust by Woods’ supporters, saying its criminal courts are unfair to minority defendants.

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