Mom ‘terrified’ after spotting suspicious figure in baby monitor footage: ‘Search every inch of your house’

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A woman spotted something unusual that left her “terrified” while watching her babymonitor footage.

TikTok user @honicanlaura shared a video of her young child lying down in her crib that appears to show someone moving past her, though the woman and her fiancé were both in another room at the time.


I am fucking terrified.

♬ original sound – Laura Honican

The mother explained in the post that her baby had only slept alone in her crib four times before, but after she put her down to nap, an unusual feeling prompted her to get the child.

Curious about the odd premonition, @honicanlaura scrolled back through the old baby monitor footage. Just before she went to pick the baby up, a figure could be seen moving past the crib. 

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UPDATE.. I will make a part two Bc I ran out of time.

♬ original sound – Laura Honican
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