Mexican cartel led by DEA’s most-wanted fugitive is “taking over everywhere”

DEA agents search a residential house during an arrest of a drug trafficker on March 11, 2020 in Diamond Bar, Calif. In early-morning raids Wednesday, federal agents fanned out across the U.S., culminating a six-month investigation with the primary goal of dismantling the upper echelon of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, known as CJNG.RICHARD VOGEL / AP

Mexico’s fastest-rising cartel, the Jalisco New Generation gang, has a reputation for ruthlessness and violence unlike any since the fall of the old Zetas cartel. In parts of the country it is fighting medieval-style battles, complete with fortified redoubts, to expand nationwide, from the outskirts of Mexico City, into the tourist resorts around Cancun, and along the northern border. CBS News

A snapshot of Mexico’s cartel landscape amid rising violence – Washington Post

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