Leaked US Military Report: Unidentified Flying Object “Rendezvoused” With Something Huge Under The Ocean

An in-depth government report “prepared by and for the military” obtained by a Nevada newsroom details a 2004 incident involving an alleged “UFO” sighting recorded by the US military off California’s coast 14 years ago.

The “Tic Tac” incident – so named for the white, fast-moving, mint-shaped object that was involved – made waves last year when first revealed by the New York Times. Over the course of two weeks in 2004, a 13.7-meter-long (45-foot-long) Anomalous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) defined as “aerodynamic” with “no visible means to generate lift” was detected by US naval ships in short glimpses. 

“The AAVs would descend ‘very rapidly’ from approximately 60,000 feet [18,300 meters] down to approximately 50 feet [15 meters] in a matter of seconds,” reads the report, which included several statements from pilots and radar operators on the ships….Click Here To Keep Reading

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