Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie May Start Filming in September


The Joker prequel film is set to begin filming this September. Just days ago it was revealed that the movie’s budget would be $55 million and that DC hoped to begin production this fall.

With no less than six movies featuring the Joker currently in development, this one is likely the most anticipated by fans. The movie is set to tackle the Joker’s tragic backstory as a failed comedian, which means it will likely draw at least some inspiration from Alan Moore’s seminal graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke. We know that Hangover trilogy helmer Todd Phillips is set to direct and that the legendary Martin Scorsese will be co-producing. Oscar-nominated screenwriter Scott Silver (The Fighter) will be co-writing with Phillips. Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly portraying the Clown Prince of Crime….Click Here To Keep Reading



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