If You Loved Being Horrified by Hereditary, Check Out These 7 Other Freaky Films


What’s a little Satanic sacrifice when your acting career needs a boost? Photo: Paramount Pictures

1) Rosemary’s Baby

A few classic horror films lurk within Hereditary’s DNA, notably Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist, and The Shining. But Roman Polanski’s tale of a young New York City wife who’s targeted by witches to carry Satan’s baby probably looms the largest. Like Annie, Toni Collette’s character in Hereditary, Rosemary doesn’t realize until too late that her life is being manipulated by demonic forces beyond her control. In both films, there’s a family betrayal of (literally) ungodly proportions, as well as a neighborly figure who only appears well-meaning. If you thought Ann Dowd was scary as Aunt Lydia on The Handmaid’s Tale, wait until you see her as a modern Minnie Castevet here—a sympathetic busybody who invites Annie over for therapeutic chit-chat and evil incantations…..Click Here To Keep Reading



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