Huge fentanyl haul seized in Asia’s biggest-ever drugs bust

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Myanmar police say they have seized a huge haul of liquid fentanyl – the first time the dangerous synthetic opioid that is ravaging North America has been found in Asia’s Golden Triangle drug-producing region.

In a sign that Asia’s drug syndicates have moved into the lucrative opioid market, more than 3,700 litres of methylfentanyl was discovered by anti-narcotics police near Loikan village in Shan State in northeast Myanmar.

The seizure of the fentanyl derivative was part of Asia’s biggest-ever interception of illicit drugs, precursors and drug-making equipment, including 193 million methamphetamine tablets known as yaba. At 17.5 tonnes, that is almost as much yaba as has been seized during the previous two years in Myanmar.

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High pressure chemical reactors, and mixers used for manufacturing illicit drugs – REUTERS
Weapons, ammunition, alongside bags of crystal methamphetamine and meth-laced yaba pills seized by Myanmar police – REUTERS

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