HD Video Killed the Bizarre ‘Lizard People’ Conspiracy Theory

The Theory

Have you ever paused an old video of almost any world leader or business executive and caught a strange-looking frame of the person’s face? While most people would casually dismiss this as just a video glitch (the technical term is a compression artifact, or simply noise in the signal), conspiracy theorists believe that these distortions are not in the video itself, but in the electronic holographic disguise worn by the world leader. They believe he, along with many other prominent people, is a reptilian being.

The theory asserts that many prominent people — including political leaders, business and religious leaders, and even famous actors and sports personalities — are actually these disguised reptilian beings called reptoids. They are reptilian in appearance like alligators, but humanoid in their upright posture. At some point in the past, theorists believe, important people worldwide began to be replaced and impersonated by reptilians. Little by little, they believe, we are being replaced — and the reptoids’ origin and purpose remain unknown.

The Truth:

There is no such thing as reptilian beings wearing electronic disguises and replacing world leaders…Click Here To Keep Reading

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