Ghost Stories from Hell: Supernatural Horror with Scary Ghosts & Haunted Houses

The dead know what scares you…

Scare Street is proud to present a collection of best-selling horror author Ron Ripley’s most blood-curdling ghost stories. Four delightfully diabolical tales have been summoned from beyond the grave, and are certain to make your skin crawl. 

This collection includes: 

Boylan House – A small New England town is horrified when it discovers an old house has developed an appetite for the blood of children. 

Blood Contract – The residents of the town of Thorne suffer a terrible price, when they break a supernatural contract with their ancient protectors. 

Hungry Ghosts – A troubled psychiatric patient discovers that a secluded cemetery holds the key to stopping a murderous legion of the dead. 

Sherman’s Collection – The sudden death of a wealthy and mysterious occultist leaves a library of haunted books in the care of his surprised heir. 

Haunted houses, vengeful spirits, ancient curses—everything you crave in a classic ghost story lurks within this ghastly collection. And as you devour one terrifying story after another, pay no attention to the chill in the air. 

It just may be the icy presence of the dead, standing over your shoulder…

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