German Couple Convicted Of Selling Child On The Darknet

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  • German couple found guilty of more than 40 charges, including rape, forced prostitution, distribution of child pornography and child endangerment.
  • The abuse includes inappropriate touching, rape and making videos that were placed as advertisements on the dark web for pedophiles.
  • The couple admitted to the abuse at the beginning of the trial.
  • The mother’s boyfriend was known to youth services and was considered a potential danger because of child pornography charges from an unrelated case.
  • The boy, now 10, was temporarily placed in foster care in early 2017 out of concern about the mother’s boyfriend. He was returned to his mother after a short time as the mother assured authorities that she could protect the boy.


A German woman and her partner have been convicted and sentenced to years in prison for repeatedly raping the woman’s young son, then selling him for sex on the darknet.

The horrific crimes have shocked the small town of Staufen in southern Germany. The perpetrators – identified only as 48-year-old Berrin T. and 39-year-old Christian L. — have admitted to the crimes, including to selling the boy for sex acts to multiple men over the course of two years. Continue Reading On NPR


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