From the Archives: UFO sightings in Virginia

June 23, 1952

 R.A. Marshall Jr. was a former electrical and mechanical engineer who had established an outpost on his Dinwiddie County farm where he could observe and experiment with flying saucers. Marshall claimed he saw his first flying saucer in 1926 “before anybody else was really concerned about them” and he had been preoccupied with them every since. According to Marshall he had seen three objects “that definitely were flying saucers.” At 45-years-old, Marshall decided to give his undivided attention to sky watching. Marshall never went anywhere without a camera and in his machine shop he built models from his own sketches of flying saucers.

Henrico County Incident

May 19, 1967

In May 1967, Beverly Bussels and her brother Bruce, students at Tuckahoe Junior High School, saw something very unusual one night while looking out the window of their Henrico County home. According to the youth, what they saw was “an aluminum-colored apparition right out of a science fiction movie. It was complete with lights and sounds.”

Beverly and Bruce’s mother said she heard a sound, “It was a whine…like a generator or a turbine. It would start at a real low pitch, then increase in intensity and tone level until it ran out of audible range. Then all of a sudden it would start over again, low, just like that,” she said. While her children called for her to come see the unidentified object, Mrs. Bussell’s did not make it to the window in time….Click Here To Keep Reading


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