Five arrested for brazen teen abduction over drug debt

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A wanted man has turned himself in after Canadian police arrested four others in connection with the March abduction of a 14-year-old boy.

Solaiman Nassimi, 29, appeared in court on Friday after surrendering Thursday.

According to Toronto police, the boy the five men allegedly abducted was targeted because of his stepbrother’s multi-million dollar drug debt.

The brazen daylight kidnapping ended when he was found unharmed in a barn, more than 36 hours after being taken.

On Thursday, police announced they had made four arrests in connection to the kidnapping but a fifth suspect was still at large.

Mr Nassimi turned himself in later that evening.

He, along with Scott McManus, 37, Samir Abdelgadir, 38, Liban Hussein, 25, and Hamed Shahnawaz, 30 – face more than 30 charges including kidnapping for ransom, uttering threats, breaking and entering and arson.

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