FBI Raids Home Of ‘Former Area 51 Worker’ Looking For Element 115

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Bob Lazar made headlines back in 1989 when he claimed he was working on reverse engineering alien spacecrafts inside Area 51. 

With the help of journalist George Knapp, Lazar told a story in which he claimed he was stationed at a base known as S-4, which was among other things, testing and reverse engineering UFO’s.

Mr Lazar recently revealed that the FBI raided his home last month.

“The conveyer belt of vehicles and agents and police did not stop. 

“They came in and said ‘there will be a few others coming in, we’ve just got a few questions to ask you’.

“But then the street and building were filled with agents. 

“They said they were looking for some paperwork from two years ago about a customer who ordered some toxic material. 

“They could have just called – it was very over the top.”

Lazar says the agency was looking for something called Element 115, a chemical said to used to power alien spaceships. 

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