Enchanting but dangerous ‘blue dragon’ washes ashore in Texas

Digital WritersThe Weather NetworkMay 10, 2020, 4:57 PM CDT 0:27 0:44   Rare and dangerous ‘blue dragons’ found in Texas

A rarely-seen kind of sea slug, fancifully called a ‘blue dragon’, has drawn some attention after washing ashore at a Texas park last week.

Images of the creature, proper name Glaucus atlanticus, were posted to the Facebook page of Texas’ Padre Island National Seashore last week. It’s no more than 3 cm long, but its eye-catching blue hue is hard to miss.

The creature was encountered by a family walking along the beach, spotted by 7-year-old Hunter Lane, with 5-year-old Wyatt Lane finding others as they moved along.

“Hunter really wanted to touch it, I don’t blame him, I did too, as they look very soft and squishy,” Lane told KSAT. “But we discussed that since we have no clue what they are we better not. After thinking about it he even said ‘he might be like the poison dart frog mom, he is kind of brightly coloured, which is a warning.’ Smart kid.”

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