Denver Protester Sprays Swastika Onto Civil War Monument

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StoryfulJune 1, 2020, 3:38 PM CDT 0:41 0:48    Denver Protester Sprays Swastika Onto Civil War Monument

An attendee at a May 29 George Floyd protest in Denver, Colorado, spray-painted a swastika onto a Civil War monument depicting a Union soldier outside the Capitol building.

Footage of the vandalism shows the man spray-painting “Down with DPD” on the statue’s base, then drawing a swastika. The uploader captioned the video: “Denver Protest Day 3, this isn’t the message.”

Several demonstrations against the killing of George Floyd have occurred in Denver since Thursday, with similar protests erupting across the country.

According to the Colorado State Capitol website, the statue “honors the Colorado soldiers who fought and died in the Civil War.” Credit: @l_lydell via Storyful

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