Demonic Director Neill Blomkamp and In the Earth Director Ben Wheatley on Humanity’s ‘Really Dangerous Path’

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There was a period early in the pandemic when directors Neill Blomkamp and Ben Wheatley wondered if they might not have jobs anymore. At least not in film.

“You know, my new job might be riding around on a motorbike looking for gasoline,” says Wheatley, whose films include Kill List and High-Rise.

“Like Mad Max,” replies Blomkamp, whose work includes District 9Elysium and his latest, Demonic. 

Both Wheatley and Blomkamp responded to the possibility that the film industry might be snuffed out… by making films. Wheatley’s In the Earth, which he wrote and directed, takes place largely outdoors, a concession and response to COVID-19. The pandemic-set horror movie follows a scientist (Joel Fry) who ventures into the woods with a park ranger (Ellora Torchia) in search of a colleague.

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Nathalie Boltt in Demonic, written and directed by Neill Blomkamp. Photos courtesy of IFC Films

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