Cops Uncover Massive Drug Operation in Pennsylvania

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Prosecutors announced 11 people were charged with felony drug offenses in a massive drug sting in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

The drug operation was being run out a typical, single-family house in a quiet neighborhood in what authorities say was an $8 million/week operation.

Matthew D. Weintraub, the Bucks County district attorney, said in an interview, “This is a regular, middle-class, 9-to-5 neighborhood,”

“This is the place you would think of as Middle America.”

“Unfortunately here in this area we have the purest and cheapest heroin and fentanyl in the country,”

The house at 669 Cheryl Drive in Warminster Township had over 130 pounds of loose heroin and fentanyl and thousands of baggies scattered throughout the house.

“The drug trafficking organization processed hundreds of thousands of doses of heroin and fentanyl worth an estimated $8 million every week,” a statement read.

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Dariel Vasquez, 38, and Moises Rodriguez, 42, were charged with running the drug operation.CreditBucks County District Attorney’s Office

Nine other people were charged with various offenses related to the manufacture and processing of the drugs, prosecutors said.

From top left, Roberto Espinal, 46; Nuris Martinez, 45; Luis Torres, 31; Jose Luis-Morales, 45; Yocasta Maria-Mercedes, 37; Luigi Ortega, 30; Delvin Perez, 36; Carlos Garcia-Perez, 33; and Eleni Saturrie, 38.CreditBucks County District Attorney’s Office

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Work stations were set up in the basement of the house to package the drugs, along with equipment and dilution agents for processing. CreditBucks County District Attorney’s Office



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