Comet and ‘asteroid approaching Earth’ are signs of Apocalypse, preacher warns

  • Harry Pettit, Senior Digital Technology and Science Reporter

US crackpot Paul Begley told his 300,000 YouTube subscribers that comet Neowise, which is currently visible from Earth, is a signal that a huge asteroid due to fly past Earth in September will smash into our planet.

In a rambling 11-minute video posted on Saturday, Begley claimed the asteroid, named 2011 ES4 by Nasa, should be worrying people.

Nasa has confirmed ES4 will perform a close flyby on September 1, but says the space rock will safely pass at a distance of roughly 76,000 miles.

“There’s this asteroid that’s got a lot of people nervous,” Begley during his YouTube rant.

“Nasa says that a potentially hazardous asteroid is going to skim past way closer to the Earth than the Moon is.”

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