Colombian Drug Cartel Offers $7,000 Hit On Cocaine-Sniffing Dog



  • Colombian narcotics German Shepard Sombra has a bounty of $7,000 on her head from the country’s most powerful drug lord.
  • Sombra has discovered over 2,000 kg (4,400 lbs) of cocaine, estimated worth of $60 million in the US.
  • Colombian press dubbed Sombra “the terror” of drug traffickers.
  • The K-9 has helped bust over 245 suspects
  • The hit was offered by the Urabeños drug gang.
  • Urabeños are now the country’s largest criminal organization.
  • Police learned about the hit earlier this year through a wire-tapped phone conversation.
  • The threat is serious enough that police have moved Sombra to a safer spot in Bogota Airport.




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