Close encounters: David Clarke’s UFO Drawings from the British National Archives


“Intuitive cognition of a thing is cognition that enables us to know whether the thing exists or does not exist, in such a way that, if the thing exists, then the intellect immediately judges that it exists and evidently knows that it exists, unless the judgment happens to be impeded through the imperfection of this cognition.” — William of Ockham

In 1952, the Air Ministry, which oversaw the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force, decided the time was right to open a special unit for the investigation of unidentified flying objects or UFOs. The previous year, the Ministry of Defence had established a Flying Saucer Worker Party, tasked with producing a secret intelligence report on UFOs. The report concluded that all UK-based sightings could be explained away as non-extraordinary phenomena: hoaxes, hallucinations, and natural occurrences. But the Air Ministry’s UFO unit was formed to handle the sheer volume of reported sightings by military personnel and members of the public — because the sightings simply would not stop. In 2008, more than 50 years after the unit was established in the attic room of the Hotel Metropole in central London, those case files became a matter of public record. In fact, they’re available on the British National Archives website…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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