Are Ghosts Haunting This Mississippi Home? Watch And Decide.

  • Last year, an antebellum home was purchased in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Population: 7,682.  Stacey Humphreys and her husband had been told that the house was haunted but paid little attention to it and figured it was nothing more than people trying to get a laugh.
  • After a couple months though, it became apparent that it was no joke. As lights flickered, doors slamming on their own, strange noises, and other odd phenomenon, they thought it was time to start recording.
  • The house was built in Greek revival style in 1841 and was sold for $65,000
  • Ad featuring the home had a note from a Miss Charlotte Nairmore: “Beautiful home but it does have a live-in-ghost, we all fondly call Bulah (sic).”
  • Beulah Cawthon lived with her family at The Linden Hill House in the early 1900s.
  • In 1919 Beulah was committed to a Mississippi State Insane Asylum in Jackson for bipolar.
  • A few months later after showing improvement, she returned home.
  • After her return home, Beulah’s parents woke up one night to Beulah standing over their bed with a hatchet and was immediately returned to the hospital.
  • Beulah died in state care in 1968, two years prior to the FDA approval of Lithium, a drug used to treat bipolar disorder.

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