Anti-gravity UFO spotted in Bolzano, Italy (VIDEO)

Conspiracy theory YouTube channel ‘UFOmania’ has uploaded an eerie video featuring a strange flying object hovering across the skies in Italy. The video shows an unidentified flying object with a lighting tail flying close to the mighty mountains in Bolzano. Soon enough, conspiracy theorists jumped to the conclusion that it was an alien life form.

Adding up the mystery quotient, the UFO which flew across the mountains without emitting any sound whatsoever. Moreover, the object had a bizarre shape, unlike any known military crafts.

“This UFO was filmed by a UFO Today fan when he was on holiday in Bolzano Italy, Europe. It was early morning and he was standing on the porch of the hotel he was staying. He noticed an object hovering above the mighty mountains that enclose Bolzano. He decided to film the object since it did not seem to emit any sound at all. The witness filmed the object until it disappeared behind a mountain,” the video description read….Click Here To Keep Reading

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