A new conspiracy? Why is artwork flying off the walls at Denver International Airport?

DENVER, CO - October 20: A traveler looks over a wall mural, part of an installation at the Denver International Airport entitled, “Children of the World Dream Peace” October 20, 2016. (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)

Artwork is disappearing from Denver International Airport.

But don’t worry. It’s nothing mysterious — or worse — nefarious.

The artwork is going into storage as part of a $500,000 remove and store project connected to the airport’s massive, upcoming remodel.

The $650 million Jeppesen Terminal renovation begins in July and several art pieces, including the controversial, and often photographed, “Children of the World Dream of Peace,” by Leo Tanguma, are being taken down and stored until the construction wraps up.

Five pieces have been, or will be, moved by July 1, as part of a Phase One grouping, said Jimmy Luthye, a DIA Great Hall project spokesman. Eventually, a total of 12 art works will be removed and stored.

The full mural Children of the World Dream of Peace was moved earlier this month by a experts from Ship Art-Terry Dowd, Inc., Luthye said. The artwork is being taken to a “secure, clean and climate-controlled fine art storage facility in the metro area.”….Click Here To Keep Reading

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