8 Haunted Hotels You Can Stay In Right Now

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People go on vacation for all kinds of reasons: they need to rest and recharge; they want to experience adventure; or maybe they want to see something new and different. If you like your vacations with an emphasis on the latter two, you might consider a pilgrimage to a haunted hotel. Hotels all over the world have popped up in buildings with terrifying or odd histories, and claim their gory pasts as a way to attract people keen to lie in high thread-count sheets and feel terrified all night. Whether you prefer your ghosts anonymous or famous, corporeal or simply gusts of wind and weird clunking noises, there’s somewhere in the world for you.

“Ghost hotels” aren’t actually all that new. People have been fascinated by staying in places that allegedly have resident phantoms for centuries. Spiritual “seances”…..Click Here To Keep Reading

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