11 creepy things kids have said to their parents that will make you shudder


Reddit user MeanMaybe recently created a thread prompting users to post the most chilling things they’ve heard kids express. MeanMaybe wrote that when their family was discussing hiking, their 8-year-old daughter said if she got lost she would cut off her hand and eat it. “Seriously kids are WEIRD!” they wrote. “I’m still spooked.”

MeanMaybe told INSIDER, they started the thread hoping they wouldn’t feel so “alone and creeped out” by their daughter.

“Kids say the weirdest things, things that we as adults, most of us anyways, would feel ashamed to even think about, never mind say it out loud,” MeanMaybe told INSIDER. “And usually when the happens your mind goes racing thinking ‘where is this coming from?’ But I’ve learned that being a parent is just, well, hard, a there is never a dull moment when you have kids.”

A host of parents replied, sharing their own stories.

INSIDER was unable to independently authenticate all of these stories, but they are still enjoyable….Click Here To Keep Reading

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